12 pets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving

Humans and turkeys aren’t the only creatures who can take part in the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Here, check out a dozen dogs, cats, birds and other adorable pets getting in on the holiday fun!
“Happy Thanksgiving from the Churkey”

Thanksgiving pets - Churkey

Photo thanks to PINKÉ


1) “Theo and his witch-converted-to-pilgrim hat. He didn’t like it.”

pilgrim hat and cat

Photo thanks to Julie


2) Turkey dog

Dog with turkey crown

Photo thanks to Mulling it Over


3) “Chili the cat looks like many of us will feel after our big turkey dinner”

Chili looks like many of us will feel after our big turkey dinner

Photo thanks to Kerri Lee Smith


4) Festive Fall Pug + Thanksgiving

Festive Fall Pug

Photo thanks to Maegan Tintari /  www.lovemaegan.com


5) Your turkey alternative

Your Thanksgiving Alternative

Photo thanks to Paul Waldo


6) Pilgrim pup

Pilgrim puppy
Photo thanks to Pawstruck.com / CanoozlePets.com


7) Happy hamster in a hat

Thanksgiving birthdays count, too!

Hamster hat for thanksgiving

Photo thanks to TTsuruda


8) “Victor is ready for Thanksgiving dinner”

Victor is ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Photo thanks to Jennifer Lamb


9) Guinea pig and his turkey buddy

Thanksgiving pets - guinea pig

Photo thanks to Sari


10) “I am thankful for dog toys.”

Thanksgiving pets - dog Turkey Day

Photo thanks to George


11) Bibi’s Thanksgiving (African Gray Parrot)

“My plate was filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and a smidgen of cranberry sauce. I ate so much that I almost needed a new set of feathers in a bigger size.”

Thanksgiving pets - Bibi's Thanksgiving

Photo thanks to Bibi


12) “We’re thankful for Star”

“North Star Foundation, Autism work dog in training. Seen here, taking a break and dressed as a Thanksgiving turkey.”

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Thanksgiving pets - dog as a turkey

Photo thanks to Arturo Sotillo

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