In decades past, a major key to success in life was apparently something so simple: don’t be smelly.

If you wanted to enjoy all the good this world has to offer, don’t ever forget mouthwash, underarm deodorant… or the “other” kind of deodorant! If you do, as these vintage advertisements show, you will be a social outcast or shunned by your man.
Smelling fresh and dainty means success and happiness!

Sure, we have deodorant and feminine hygiene ads today… but no modern-day ad would actually come right out and say that the natural odors coming from your body are precisely what is keeping you from having friends, getting a date, finding a husband, or keeping said husband happy.

But especially from the 1930s on, if your life wasn’t going according to plan, wisdom of the time made it pretty clear that it was probably because you weren’t exactly fresh as a daisy.

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