Beyond Grampa: 75 nicknames for a grandfather

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Dad and Papa are pretty common nicknames for father — but when it comes to grandfathers, naming conventions aren’t so obvious.

When it’s time for mom’s dad or dad’s dad to introduce himself to his new grandchild, be ready with these ideas for you and Grandgramp. (Or maybe it’s Boompa? PeePaw?)

nicknames for a grandfather - grandfather with baby grandchild

75 different nicknames for a grandfather

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Adda Gampy Granpop
Bampy Ganpa Granpoppa
Banfy Gram Grumpy
Banpa Grampa (Grampaw) Gumpa
Banpy Grampcracker Gumpy
Bappa Gramps Gwampa
Bappy Grampy Opa
Beeba Gran Pa
Beebaw Granchi Pampa (PamPaw)
Beepa Grand Pap
Bobo Granda Pap-paw
BooBoo (Boo) Grandad PaPa
Boompa Grandaddy PapPap
Boosh Grandfather Papps
Boppa (Bop) Grandgramp Pappy (Pappie)
Buster Grandiddy Paw-Paw (Papa, Poppa)
Da Grando PawPee
Da Pa (DaPaw) Grandoody PeePaw
Doda Grandpa (Grandpaw) Pop
Dodie Grandpapa Pop-Pop
Drampa (Drampaw) Grandpappy Poppa
G Grandude Poppy (Popi)
G-Pa Grandy Pops
Gampa Granpap Popsy (Popsi)
Gamps Granpappy Wompa (Wompaw)

Also see: 75 different nicknames for a grandmother: Grandma & beyond

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