Beyond Grandma: 75 nicknames for a grandmother

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Mom, Mum and Mama are pretty common nicknames for mothers — but when it comes to grandmothers, naming conventions aren’t so obvious.

When it’s time for mom’s mom or dad’s mom to introduce herself to her new grandchild, be ready with these ideas for you and Grammie. (Or maybe it’s Nama? Marmi?)

nicknames for a grandmother - grandmother with new baby grandchild

75 different nicknames for a grandmother

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Abuela Grandma Mimi (Meemee)
Abuelita Grandmama Mimma
Amma Grandmom Mimmie
Bamaw (Bammaw) Grandmother Mimo
Bubby (Bubbie, Bubbe) Grandnan Mimsy
Dama, Dammaw Grandy Minny
DeeDee (Diddy) Granma MomMom
Eema (Eemaw, Ema) Granmama Momsy
G-ma Granmom Mumsy
Gada Granna Nama (Namma)
Gadgy (Gadgi) Granny Nan
Gamma Gumma Nana (Nanna)
Gammi (Gammy, Gami) Jamma Nannie (Nanny)
Ganna Lita Ne-ma
Ganni (Ganny, Gani) Mam NeNe (Naynay)
Glamma Mammaw Ninna
Gommie, Gommy Mammie (Mammy) Ninny (Ninni)
Gram Mams Nonna
Gramma (Grama) Marmi Nonni (Nonny)
Grammie (Grammy) MawMaw (Mamaw) Oma
Gramommie Maymee Onna (Ona)
Grams Meemaw Pippa
Gran MeeMo Savta
Grananny Mémère Tita
Grandgran Mima Yiayia

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