Airline websites: Where to book flights & check-in online

Even if they’re not included on the top travel booking sites, you can find all of the major airlines online.

In many cases, booking directly via one of the airline websites is a smart option. The carriers can offer good discounts because they don’t need to cover any third-party commission costs.


List of top airline websites

Start to prepare your travel plans with just a few clicks by visiting these airline sites. You can also check-in online, see the status of a flight, and look at the latest travel discounts and deals. (For more tips on budget-wise travel, see our article Fly there for less: 12 ways to save money on air travel.)

To compile this list, we checked on the companies that fly into five different major US airports, however, not every single airline is represented.

  1. Aero Mexico
  2. Air Canada
  3. Air France
  4. Air India
  5. AirTran Airlines
  6. Alaska Airlines
  7. Alitalia
  8. Allegiant Airlines
  9. American Airlines
  10. Asiana Airlines
  11. British Airways
  12. Cathay Pacific Airlines
  13. China Airlines
  14. Condor
  15. Delta Airlines
  16. El Al Airlines
  17. Emirates
  18. EVA Air
  19. Frontier
  20. Great Lakes Airlines
  21. Hawaiian Airlines
  22. Interjet
  23. Japan Airlines
  24. JetBlue Airlines
  25. KLM Airlines
  26. Korean Air
  27. Lufthansa Airlines
  28. Malaysia Airlines
  29. Philippine Airlines
  30. Quantas
  31. SAS
  32. Singapore Airlines
  33. Southwest Airlines
  34. Spirit Airlines
  35. Sun Country
  36. Sunwing
  37. Swiss International Air Lines
  38. United Airlines
  39. US Airways
  40. Virgin America Airlines
  41. Virgin Atlantic Airlines
  42. Vision
  43. Volaris
  44. WestJet
  45. XL Airways

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