Baby and toddler growth charts for girls

How does your little girl grow? Steadily, if she’s healthy — though there may be a huge variation in size and shape from one baby to the next.

Here are two different growth charts to help you understand what your healthcare provider is looking at when he or she tells you where your daughter is “on the charts.”

Your healthcare provider will regularly measure the height and weight of your baby, and may plot her growth on a chart like the ones below. You may also be told that your child is in a certain percentile for height and a certain percent for weight.

These numbers in and of themselves don’t mean a lot, as children grow and develop at different rates. These charts are helpful, however, to make sure your child — from birth to her third birthday — is growing consistently. If she slips off the curve (does not seem to be growing well), this may signal a problem.

Girls: Growth chart for birth to 36 months

Length-for-age and weight-for-age percentiles

growth-chart-girls-myria (3)


Girls: Growth chart for birth to 36 months

Head-circumference-for-age and weight-for-length percentiles


growth-chart-girls-myria (1)

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