Change your duvet cover easily with this quick trick

What’s even more complicated than neatly folding a fitted sheet? That would have to be trying to put a duvet cover on quickly (and without muttering under your breath as you do it).

We thought we’d tried every method to get the cover on the comforter — like neatly pushing the far corners into the cover pocket, or trying to shake the duvet into the cover. We even heard of someone who would hold the quilted blanket in her hands, then pull the entire duvet cover over her head to try to position it correctly.

But no more. We have found a better way to do it, and it’s ridiculously simple. Prepare for your a-ha!/”Why didn’t I think of that?” moment as you watch these three demonstrations of the fastest and easiest trick to put on a duvet cover that we’ve seen.

The quick and easy duvet cover trick

Carrie Higgins of Making Lemonade shows off her trick for covering your duvet with a duvet cover (or doona cover, or comforter cover — depending on where you live) in under 2 minutes flat. “Who knew it could be so easy? Now you can wash and change your duvet with ease with this simple tip for covering your duvet!”

Get a duvet cover on in less than 90 seconds

With one person helping, Australian-American professional organizer Peter Walsh demonstrated his “doona” in the “doona cover” trick on Australian lifestyle show The Living Room.

Duvet cover trick: The fastest way to get a duvet cover on

Inhabitat editor Yuka Yoneda demonstrates the “ingenious duvet cover trick” that will “change your life” — or, at least, will help you change your bed.

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