Choosing your child’s doctor: Printable pediatrician interview checklist

Do you need to interview a pediatrician so you will be able to decide if he or she will be a good fit for your child?

Based on the article Choosing a pediatrician: Questions you need to ask, by Elizabeth Pantley, and excerpted from the book Gentle Baby Care, here are some important questions to ask!

going to the pediatrician

The pediatrician interview checklist is available in image, PDF and plain text versions:

Click on the image below to get a full-size printable version of the checklist pediatric-checklist The pediatrician interview checklist & questions for the medical office

Basic/background information

[ ] The background and experience of the doctor.
[ ] What are office hours? Are there evening or weekend hours?
[ ] How is billing handled?
[ ] What insurance is accepted?
[ ] What are your after-hours and emergency procedures?
[ ] What hospitals is the doctor affiliated with?
[ ] How do you handle questions by telephone?

[ ] Will my doctor personally see us for every scheduled appointment?
[ ] If he is unavailable, who will see us?
[ ] How many doctors share this office? [ ] Do you have a special waiting room or a separate entrance for sick children?

[ ] Do you have a lactation specialist in the office? If not, can you recommend one?

Interview questions

[ ] Can you explain how we will work together during our baby’s first year?
[ ] Will you examine our baby at the hospital (or at our home) directly after birth?
[ ] What is your typical advice to new parents about…
[ ] Circumcision?
[ ] Breastfeeding?
[ ] Bottlefeeding?
[ ] Sleeping through the night?
[ ] Immunizations?

[ ] Can we ask you about non-medical issues, like feeding or behavior?
[ ] What do we need to know about our newborn’s health and care?

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After your interview

[ ] Is the office conveniently located for you?
[ ] How long did you have to wait in the waiting room?
[ ] Did you feel good about the office and staff?
[ ] Did the doctor/primary healthcare provider listen thoughtfully to your questions?
[ ] How willingly and thoroughly did the he or she answer questions?
[ ] What was his or her attitude when answering them?
[ ] Do you feel comfortable with the doctor’s specific child-rearing philosophy?
[ ] Did you feel that you could freely ask questions?
[ ] Did the caregiver appear knowledgeable and current with his information and advice?
[ ] Would you feel comfortable bringing your baby to this person for care?
[ ] Would you feel confident having this doctor handle an emergency with your child?

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