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Creative manicure & nail art design lookbook: Photo gallery

From fun and funky nail polishes to serious nail art — and everything in between — check out our gallery with more than 150 pictures to get inspiration for your next manicure!

Try these designs yourself, or save links to show your favorite nail technician. (Also be sure to see our terminology tip sheet of some nail salon manicure services at the bottom of this page.)
Manicure & nail art lookbook photos include designs with:
  • Glitter and sparkle polishes and gels, including some of the latest indie nail polishes
  • Nail tape and nail decals & decorations to make stripes, dots and other geometric patterns
  • Stamping nail art — pre-designed images you can stamp on your nails (See KONAD Nail Art for examples)
  • Hand-painted nail art designs (including holiday art, specific themes and lots of fabulous patterns)
  • Textured manicures, with bumps added under the polish, and gems and other embellishments added on top
5 of our favorite nail designs
The Myria nail art & manicure lookbook/photo gallery

If you’re shooting for long nails or strong nails, a simple style (like “Pink and white” French-manicure look nails) with a little something extra, or something totally wild and amazing in the nail art design department, our lookbook gallery will give you nail art inspiration for both classic and on-trend nail designs!

Terminology tip sheet: Some nail salon manicure services

Acrylic nails: These “fake” nails have been a standby for years, and are usually very durable. Essentially a nail-shaped piece of plastic, they protect your natural nails from breaking, splitting and peeling.

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Infills: The life of an acrylic nail application manicure can be extended with infills (filling in the gap at the bottom of an acrylic nail that’s created by your nails growing).

Acrylic tip overlays: Just the top of the nail (added for length or looks), usually with a transparent adhesion area to blend into your natural nail.

Gel nails: The gel-based manicure system makes for long-lasting, lightweight protection and color. The polish is set under a UV light to harden, making your nails extra durable.

Smile line: Where the white nail growth emerges from the pink nail bed, as you can see on your natural nail. The smile line can be changed according to various different manicure styles — some more straight, others more oval.

Nail sculpture extensions: Your nails can extended without applying tips by building the natural-looking acrylic in front of the free edge to any length you desire using a form to hold the shape. After the acrylic sets, the form removed and the strong, light new nail is shaped and can be polished like your natural nails.


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