Download & print a free Daily Medicine Record sheet

Why should you keep a Daily Medicine Record for your child?

The number one reason to use this medication sheet is to keep your child safe. A daily record will help you keep track of the amount of medicine your child takes so you or someone else won’t accidentally give too much.

It’s also a great way to share this information with others who may be caring for your child, such as a spouse, grandparent, babysitter, and/or your child’s healthcare professional.

How do I keep a Daily Medicine Record?

Use the blank record provided, or make your own record and write down the following:

  • name of the child
  • child’s age and weight (It is always best to use your child’s weight to decide how much medicine to give. Use age if you don’t know your child’s weight.)
  • today’s date
  • time of day you give the medicine
  • symptom or problem the medicine is used for
  • medicine’s name
  • medicine’s active ingredient(s)
  • the medicine’s formula (infant, children, junior or other)
  • the amount of medicine you give


Keep the Daily Medicine Record where all of your child’s caregivers can easily find it. The information you write will help you and others remember the last time a dose was given and how much your child has taken.

Note: Always keep medicines where they cannot be seen or reached by children and pets. A locked box, cabinet, or closet is best.

Download & print your free Daily Medicine Record sheet here

You should fill out the Daily Medicine Record each time your child takes a medicine. Start a new record each day until your child is no longer taking a medicine.

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