Blue and Purple Eyeshadow on a Green Eye in Natural Light

Dramatic eyeshadow lookbook: Eye makeup photo gallery

“Dramatic” eye makeup doesn’t necessarily mean “dark” — nor does it always require rainbow colors or vibrant shades.

The drama comes from making a look with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara that is bolder or brighter than your usual look… so that could mean a little bit or a lot of extra intensity. If you need a different style for evening or nighttime, these 90+ glamorous makeup examples may be just the inspiration you need!
How to apply intense and dramatic eyeshadow that really pops

Eyeshadow in blues, purples, emerald

STEP 1: Start with the lightest color to define the entire eyelid — sweep that pale shade over the eye from lash line to brow bone.

STEP 2: Apply the next darker eyeshadow color across the full lid, beneath the crease, blending as you go.

STEP 3: Line the eye with the darkest shade of eyeshadow along the upper lash line for extra intensity. For more impact, deepen the shade in the crease, blending the base and lid colors so that no line is visible.

STEP 4: Line the outer three quarters of the lower lash line (right at the base of the lashes below the eye) with one of the darker colors.

STEP 5: Apply eyeliner and mascara as you like to complete the look.

Dramatic eyeshadow technique tips & notes
  • The color of any powder eyeshadow will get deeper and more intense if you first dip your shadow brush in water before picking up the powder.
  • Experiment with some vibrant metallic colors for an glamorous, dramatic look.
  • Add some white or silver shimmer eyeshadow under your brow bone, and dab it on the lid along the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Prep your eyelids with foundation and/or powder — eyeshadow won’t last on oily lids.
  • When you put eyeshadow below your eye, make sure it’s not on the waterline (above your lower lashes). It won’t last there, and will really irritate your eyes. If you want to color this area, use eyeliner.
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Create your own look with dramatic eyeshadow: Photo gallery

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