Expectant moms: Do you know the rubber band trick?

“When I was home last weekend, my sister asked, ‘Do you know the rubber-band trick?'” said expectant mama Rena Tom.
The trick is a simple way to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy jeans or pants when you’re expecting.

belly button jeans extension - pre-maternity

If you don’t want to go full maternity yet

Many pregnant women don’t want to switch to maternity clothing too soon. There are many reasons for the reluctance — for example, because it means spending money on clothing with a finite lifespan, leaving behind your favorite pairs of jeans, or just to avoid getting burned out out on preggie clothes that you’re going to have to wear for the next several months.

The rubber band trick is a simple alternative to switching into maternity pants, or paying for something like a Bellaband to extend the life of your jeans, slacks, trousers, shorts, pants, capris, bottoms or whatever else you wear on your bottom half.

A couple ways to do it:
  • Loop one end of the rubber band through the other, then use the free end over the button on your jeans. (This is the method that is illustrated below.)
  • Loop one side of the rubber band around the button on your jeans, run the other end through the buttonhole, then also loop the second part of the rubber band over your button.

This also works with a strong elastic ponytail holder, which — if in black or a color that matches your jeans or pants — might provide a more camouflaged look.

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Of course, this is something you’re going to want to wear with longer, looser tops, and not your belly-hugging shirt styles.

Rubber band trick - make your jeans or pants last into pregnancy

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