Floral wedding cake designs photo gallery & cake decor trends

Flower wedding cake with cupcakes

Flowers of all colors, varieties and sizes show up on wedding cakes with great regularity.

Not only are is floral wedding decor beautiful, but all around the world and for thousands of years, blossoms and petals have been used as symbols for love and marriage.

Below, get more than 70 ideas about how to incorporate flowers — both in traditional and modern styles, freshly-grown or created of sugar and fondant — on your wedding cake.

Lookbook: Floral wedding cake designs

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Wedding cake trends

Tracey Mann, founder of Tracey’s Cakes in Buckinghamshire, England, says, “As one of the main features of the reception, picking the right cake is an important part of wedding planning but with so many designs, colors and flavors to choose from finding the right one can be a timing-consuming task.

“Having worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years, I get a real sense of what’s coming up — and this year, as well as incredible flavors, it’s all about delicate designs and colorful cakes.”

Tracey’s top three wedding cake trends

Edible lace: Lace is usually in abundance at weddings, from the wedding dress fabric to swathes of lacy tablecloths, and now it is making an appearance on wedding cakes. Classic vintage lace detailing in edible paper and icing is set to be a key feature of wedding cakes.

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White and ivory lace overlaid onto the same colored cake is perfect for creating a timeless, elegant centerpiece. Or, for a vintage or contemporary twist, try scalloped white lace on a colored cake that matches your day’s color scheme.

Colored wedding cakes: Many couples choose an accent color for their wedding, and wedding cakes are getting the color treatment, too. Rather than traditional tiers of white and ivory, brides are increasingly opting for cakes in block colors – from soft shades of pink and peach to bold hues of blue and grey.

If you want your cake to make a color statement, it’s a good to have a clear idea of your color scheme and venue before consulting your cake designer. This will help them create a shade and design that fits perfectly.

Handmade sugar flowers: Fresh flowers are taking a back seat in favor of handcrafted and painted sugar flowers. A slightly more expensive option than real flowers, sugar flowers have the advantage of looking like the real thing, always being in season, and lasting throughout the day.

Roses and peonies make timeless wedding cake toppers, or pick a selection of flowers you have chosen for your bouquet.

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