Turkey pot pie soup

All the flavors of pot pie are in this turkey pot pie soup – from the creamy sage broth to the chunks of turkey, mixed vegetables and a pie crust topper.

Butternut squash soup

This butternut squash soup is a luscious, smooth soup, delicately seasoned with ginger and nutmeg – perfect for cool autumn evenings.

Chicken pot pie soup

All the ingredients for chicken pot pie – the chunky chicken and vegetables and the savory broth – are in this chicken pot pie soup.

Sausage and lentil soup

A triple hit of antioxidants from the thyme, paprika and crushed red pepper in a hearty sausage and lentil soup with lentils, turkey kielbasa and spinach.

Corn and potato chowder

Oregano and rosemary are a dynamic duo when it comes to antioxidants, and they add savory seasoning to a chunky corn and potato chowder.

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