Irish potato bread recipe

'Boxty' is practically a national dish in Ireland. It can be served as a potato pancake, a dumpling - or, as here, in a crunchy Irish potato bread.

Peach-blueberry egg bread bake

Warm maple syrup and creamy Greek yogurt are the perfect complements to the fresh fruit in this Peach-blueberry egg bread bake.

Jam-swirled coffee cake

Settle into fall with a cozy sweater and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with this Oklahoma-style jam-swirled coffee cake breakfast recipe.

Peanut butter bread pudding

A recipe for true PB lovers, this peanut butter bread pudding incorporates peanut butter and peanuts every step of the way.

Orange pumpkin bread

A little orange flavor gives a traditional pumpkin bread recipe a bit of extra zing!

Almond cinnamon rolls

Nothing says good morning better than a fragrant batch of warm-from-the-oven almond cinnamon rolls.

Walnut-Parmesan biscuits

These walnut-Parmesan biscuits are very easy to make - and you can serve them with soup, scrambled eggs, or salads.

Date nut crumble coffee cake

Date nut crumble coffee cake is a delectable coffee cake layered with a brown sugar streusel and combined with a date and pecan filling.

Blackberry jam cake recipe

In this recipe, aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves and allspice, jam and toasted walnuts create a delicate, flavorful blackberry jam cake.

Sweet blueberry drop biscuits

These sweet blueberry drop biscuits combine sugar and blueberries with a classic biscuit recipe, for a sweet biscuit that's delightfully light in texture.

Stuffed French toast recipe

Made with thick slices of French bread, stuffed with cream cheese and preserves, this stuffed French toast will be a morning winner!

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