Stuffed avocado chicken salad

Mashed avocado makes a creamy, delicious dressing for this vegetable-studded stuffed avocado chicken salad that you can stuff back into avocado shells.

Pasta & black bean turkey chili

This pasta and black bean turkey chili combines the heartiness of ground turkey and beans with the simplicity of pasta in a most delicious way!

Muffin pan meat loaves

These individual muffin pan meat loaves cook in less than 30 minutes, and grated carrots and zucchini in the meat loaf mixture add nutrition and moisture.

Pizza – the healthy way

Baking a pizza at home with the family is a fun way to spend an evening - and it can be healthy, too, when prepared the right way.

Cheesy chips recipe

Cheesy chips are easy to make, and have far fewer carbs than potato chips. Here's how to make them.

Leftover turkey enchiladas

For something slightly more adventurous, though extremely easy to make, try his recipe for turkey enchiladas, made with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce.

German potato salad recipe

This mayo-free German potato salad, Oklahoma-style, is an excellent side dish you can make for outdoor parties or picnics.

Pork tenderloin sandwich

With roasted pork, savory spices, smoky Gouda and fresh cilantro, this pork tenderloin sandwich is a bright and flavorful take on the race day classic.

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