Other main course recipes

How to make pizza on the grill

Everyone loves pizza - so for something new, go outside to make a fresh and delicious smoky-flavored pizza on the grill!

Vegetable chili boat recipe

This warm and wonderful vegetarian chili recipe features three flavorful beans mixed together with vegetables and spices.

Lightened-up mac & cheese

Lightened up mac and cheese has a sauce with Greek yogurt, and the macaroni is mixed with veggies for a healthy, filling and tasty dinner!

Muffin pan meat loaves

These individual muffin pan meat loaves cook in less than 30 minutes, and grated carrots and zucchini in the meat loaf mixture add nutrition and moisture.

Pizza – the healthy way

Baking a pizza at home with the family is a fun way to spend an evening - and it can be healthy, too, when prepared the right way.

Linguine and spinach pesto

Really so simple - but so amazingly flavorful! Get a taste of the Mediterranean with this delicious linguine and spinach pesto recipe.

Spinach rotolo with ricotta

Made with lasagna noodles, this spinach rotolo with ricotta is filled with health benefits from green vegetables, including spinach and basil.

Moroccan Lamb Shanks recipe

This Moroccan Lamb Shanks recipe is a twist on the usual – the hum of all those aromatic spices will warm you up on even the chilliest of evenings.

Linguine Caprese

Venture to the isle of Capri with this simple but elegant Linguine Caprese pasta dish.

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