Poultry recipes

The best way to deep fry turkey

It may sound like a strange concept, but when you deep fry turkey, it comes out is moist and delicious and not at all greasy.

Bacon-wrapped roasted turkey

Here's a super-basic bacon-wrapped roasted turkey recipe for a treat that's sure to become a holiday favorite.

Stuffed avocado chicken salad

Mashed avocado makes a creamy, delicious dressing for this vegetable-studded stuffed avocado chicken salad that you can stuff back into avocado shells.

Tomato Florentine pasta bake

Full of health-promoting antioxidants, this pasta bake recipe delivers all the flavors of lasagna in less than half the preparation and baking time.

Pasta & black bean turkey chili

This pasta and black bean turkey chili combines the heartiness of ground turkey and beans with the simplicity of pasta in a most delicious way!

Sesame-ginger chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup gets an Asian twist with rice noodles, ginger, snow peas and toasted sesame seeds in this recipe for sesame-ginger chicken noodle soup.

Carolina mustard BBQ chicken

Grill this Carolina mustard BBQ chicken over low heat, then quick-sear it to ensure perfect chicken that's juicy inside and crisp outside.

Tuscan skillet chicken

Lemon zest, garlic and rosemary add a delightful Italian twist to this green bean, potato and chicken Tuscan skillet.

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