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Enabling digital asset scalability on Ethereum

Myria is a decentralised Ethereum Layer 2, built to scale digital assets, NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Scaling blockchain gaming on Ethereum


Support unlimited scalability, delivering up to 9,000+ TPS

ETH Compatability

Empower mainstream adoption to Ethereum using Myria’s scaling solution

Built for Developers

We provide easy-to-use solutions to help projects kickstart their blockchain gaming journey

Network Security

100% Ethereum-level security guarantees; whilst increase transaction speed and throughput

Gaming is evolving. Build with Myria.

Myria provides an end-to-end solution for developers and publishers, and help you unlock the blockchain potential of your business

Supercharge your project

Manage your NFT & digital assets

Unlock immense scale

Save time. Ship faster.

Blockchain consultancy

Tokenomics consultancy

Compliance support

Instant project visibility

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