Funny places kids fall asleep: 24 kids show that they can sleep anywhere

All the funny places kids fall asleep

As parents know, sleep is often so elusive. We buy swings and soothers to lull them them to dreamland, and invest in bassinets and co-sleepers and cribs and beds to help keep them asleep.

And then what happens after our careful preparations and expenditures? Our kids nod off randomly wherever they happen to be, as these 24 children prove!

1) A new use for a toy bin!

funny places kids fall asleep - Durmiendo - sleeping on toys
“Durmiendo – sleeping” by Raúl A

2) Asleep on his feet after a tough day at the playground…

Dylan asleep on his feet
Photo by Martha Muldoon Fitzgerald via

3) Funny places kids fall asleep: Sleeping in the laundry basket

sleeping-in-laundry-basket-by William Nordmann
by William Nordmann

4) “This looks comfy.”

Gabi napping in an odd fashion
Gabi napping in an odd fashion, by Shawn

5) Almost made it into his chair for a nap

“Uyku! Heryerde!” by Duru

6) Hope dad got a good picture, at least.

Thats Aten sleeping by Ankur P

Thats Aten sleeping by Ankur P

7) Sleep in a box

Photo by Nancy J Price

8) Couldn’t quite make it all the way into bed

funny places kids fall asleep
“力つきた” by Toshimasa Ishibashi

9) Kids + Culture = ?

From a mother: “Kids, you are going to come to a play tonight with Dad and I…” Kids: “Cool, what movie are they going to be playing?” Mother: “Oh, it’s not a movie, it’s a play…sort of like a movie except it’s in real life.” Kids: “Well, I don’t know…” Mother: “Oh come on, it’s good for you. You need to learn how to do grown-up things for once. Life’s not all about watching TV and playing Nintendo all day…”
by midiman

10) Someone got tired waiting for mom to get ready

Photo by Nancy J Price

11) Have apple, will sleep

Photo by Nancy J Price

12) At least the carpet’s softer than hardwood

funny places kids fall asleep - boy-sleeping-on-the-carpet
“Sleep” by eezif

13) funny places kids fall asleep: Naptime in the high chairs

Babes Sleeping
“Babes Sleeping” by Paul Schultz / Some rights reserved

14 & 15) Sleeping at the table

… because sometimes a nap is more important than food.

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boy-falling-asleep-on-kitchen-table (2)

boy-falling-asleep-on-kitchen-table (1)
Photos by Nancy J Price

16) And then there’s sleeping on the table

Hittar 3åringen sovandes… på bordet! by Kajsa

17) Bookshelves are for books… and for sleeping

Source: Unknown

18) Funny places kids fall asleep: Boy’s best friend

funny places kids fall asleep - boy-with-dog-sleeping-on-sofa
Zonked, by Russ

19) There’s no better place to sleep than sprawled across mom’s lap

Photo by Nancy J Price

20 … Unless it’s dad’s lap

“Falling asleep – 71/365 jours” by Maeka Alexis / Some rights reserved

21) All folded up… that cannot be comfortable

funny places kids fall asleep - TJ sleeping by Joe Grossberg
“TJ sleeping” by Joe Grossberg

22) Looks like rain! So bring an umbrella to bed

Looks like rain - girl- sleeping in bed with umbrella
“looks like rain” by Jonf728

23) There was a young baby who fell asleep in a shoe…

Source: Unknown

24) A zen moment

“Zen Moment” by Brandon Atkinson / Some rights reserved

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