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Apes Ascendance

About the Game

The project is all about empowering gamers. Create any tools necessary (software, hardware) to make a reality the Play to Earn. By creating Real Utility Tokens, and Real Economy Tokenomics.

Apes Ascendance is about creating Epic Worlds where communities collaborate in Survival-Action-Strategy immersive Multiplayer Worlds, sometimes to survive and sometimes even fighting in third player with their closest against Bad AI.

Collect resources and be able to sell them out of the game. Own a house and land in the game.

Conquer and fight to protect your people.

Survival and skills for playing will be enhanced for experience, we will create some tools for playing. We have a long term vision for the franchise.

Bad AI will be an algorithm and a trained Neural Network that will reward players that are traitors, so game difficulty may increase at some point of space-time.

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Ascendance Studio




Survival, Action, Strategy
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