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Meta Nomads

About the Game

Meta Nomads is one of the most unique web3 gaming and Metaverse exploration experiences you´ll see right now, as you roam the vast Planet of Mars our team built on Unreal Engine. Set on post-apocalyptic Mars, 100 players fight for survival, using weapons and hoverboards as modes of transport.

Interact, speak and connect with fellow nomads, race and battle each other online in a P2E format harnessing the power of gravity-defying hoverboards, and smash your way through opponents with a brutal arsenal of outlandish weapons. When the day is done, head out to your own living compounds in the Metaverse to relax. A place where you can display your NFTs as decorations, listen to music, invite friends over and much more.

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NMD Studios




Battle, Royal, MMO
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