Garden signs: Two ways to make polymer clay plant markers

These polymer clay plant markers are simple to make, and they’re a creative way to identify your favorite plants.

Find out how you can make two slightly different styles of plant markers. The first has a more sculpted look, while the second has a more natural feel, well-suited for an herb garden.

Both projects start and end the same way — it’s the step in the middle that make the difference. The crafty, creative Angela Mabray details the main steps below, and you get all the details in her tutorial at

by Angela Mabray

Two different kinds of garden markers for you to make

Polymer Clay Plant Markers with Herbs


Plant markers, step 1: Cut out background

Cut shapes to use for your polymer clay plant markers. I chose UltraLight Sculpey as the background for my plant marker because it’s less likely to make the wooden stakes top-heavy.

Plant Markers, Step 1 - Cut Out Background


Plant markers, step 2: Add stake

Applying Bake & Bond to craft stick, so it can be embedded between two halves of clay.

Plant Markers, Step 2 - Add Stake


Oregano plant marker, step 3: Decorate leaf impression plant marker

Press oregano leaves into polymer clay to create textured plant marker. You can roll the leaves into the clay with an acrylic roller, or you can just press the leaves into the clay with your fingers.

Plant Markers, Step 3 - Decorate Leaf Impression Plant Marker


Sage plant marker, step 3: Decorate sculpted plant marker

Using a Sculpey tool’s cone tip shaper to create tiny lavender flowers for the plant marker.

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Plant Markers, Step 3 - Decorate Sculpted Plant Marker


Sage plant marker, step 4: Label it

Use rubber letter stamps to add the plant’s name to the plant marker.

Plant Markers, Step 4 - Label It


Oregano plant marker, step 5: Bake & antique

Apply acrylic paint with a toothbrush to emphasize text and leaf impressions on plant marker, then wipe away the excess paint with a paper towel.

Plant Markers, Step 5 - Bake & Antique


Finished oregano and sage plant markers
  • “Oregano” polymer clay plant marker. Made by impressing oregano leaves into polymer clay, then antiquing it with acrylic paint.
  • “Sage” polymer clay plant marker. Made by sculpting small plant pieces.

Plant Markers, Complete


Sage polymer clay plant marker in a mini-herb garden

Sage Plant Marker in Garden

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