Get organized! Free printable 7-day, 20-task checklists

To help you with those tasks you have to do every day — whether just for a week or on an ongoing basis — we came up with these printable 7-day, 20-task checklists pages you can use!

Let them help you keep track of everyday chores, medicines or healthcare needs, work duties, or the everyday stuff that’s part of managing your family life.

7 day 20 task checklists

20 tasks, 7 days, 6 color schemes

Not only helpful for busy adults, these colorful 7-day, 20-task checklists are also handy for kids who need to remember daily tasks — like feeding the dog, washing dishes, brushing teeth and making the bed.

Just download and print out so you can add them to a binder or organizer, or stick the page on the fridge or in your purse!

Click on any page below to get a larger version you can download and print!

Free printable checklists in green

7 day checklist-solid-green

Pink 7-day free printable checklists
7 day checklist-solid-pink

Dark blue weekly printable calendar
7 day checklist-dark-blue

Download and print this blue checklist
7 day checklist-blue

Printable 7-day dark pink checklist
7 day checklist-solid-dark-pink

Orange free printable checklist
7 day checklist-solid-orange

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