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Gift wrap ideas: Gallery of 120+ creative & crafty presents

Each year, there are dozens of celebrations calling for gifts — from birthdays and weddings to holidays like Christmas… and that’s not even to mention surprise gifts, or presents for a host/hostess.

With so many occasions, you may have run out of creative ways to wrap and decorate those presents! And that’s exactly why we put together this gallery of great gift wrap ideas.

Gift wrap ideasBelow, we have gathered more than 120 different gift wrap ideas. Some are incredibly inventive and require some craft skill, while others are here to illustrate how even simple combinations of wrapping paper and ribbon can be transformed into something beautiful when you add just a little splash of flair.

Many of these gift wrap ideas aren’t just clever but are budget-friendly, too — making use of materials you might already have around the house or in your yard. You’ll also see several recycled/upcycled items — like cardboard tubes, scraps of wrapping paper, paper bags, magazine pages, newspaper and more.

Also popular: Printable designs (your own creations, and using downloaded patterns), Washi tape, buttons, fabric ribbon, curling ribbon, Furoshiki-style fabric wraps, and little silk flowers.

See here how to combine these elements and more to make some gifts that really set the stage for celebrating!

Gift wrap ideas: Photo gallery
Get some inspiration for wrapping gifts to give for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, Christmas, Hanukkah and more. [ Click on any image to see a larger version ]

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