It’s been the subject of great debate in the US for decades now: How exactly do you pronounce Porsche — is it “Porsh” or “Porsha”?


Potato, puhtato… porsha, porsh

Ah — the question that’s more common than ownership of the fancy German sports car itself: How is Porsche pronounced? Is it “Porsh” or more like “Porsha”?

Consider the matter settled, because we can say definitively that it’s the latter: When it comes to the Porsche car, you pronounce it porsh-uh. Two syllables.

Direct from the source

See the word mentioned at 2:14 in this Porsche 911 ad, and at the beginning of this promo piece about the Porsche Sport Driving School.

It might help to realize that the car was named for famed German automotive design engineer, Dr Ferdinand Porsche, and isn’t some arbitrary made-up product name.

The Singer version

Pictured at the top is my personal favorite version of the Porsche — the Singer 911 — a “re-interpretation and rebirth of the early performance-focused 911s.”

This one was restored by Singer Vehicle Design, a company founded by Rob Dickinson… who just happens to be the singer and the co-founder of one of my favorite British bands, Catherine Wheel. So if you have an extra $200,000 to spend (or more), check out the car USA Today called a “modern wonder,” and what Adam Carolla said “might be considered the ultimate 911.”

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Photo credit(s): Porsche photo thanks to Singer Vehicle Design

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