How to fix an underwire bra

We know how it is — you’re at work or out shopping, and come to realize that you’re being poked in a really uncomfortable spot. The culprit: an escaped wire from your underwire bra.

And because it’s your bra, it’s not just uncomfortable, but is also really awkward to try to get that annoying wire back in place when you’re out in public.

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by Adeline Beckett

Here are two ways to fix your bra when the underwire’s poking out, using items you can find at home or in most drugstores.
Quick and easy no-sew method

I’m all about quick and easy, so have tried bra fixes using duct tape, gaffer’s tape — and even fabric bandage tape! I discovered the wonders of moleskin on a trip to Disney World in 2008, and found it worked better and lasted longer than any of my other underwire repair attempts.

Moleskin is a thick felt-like fabric, often used to prevent blisters, or to cushion feet from corns and calluses. Typically one side of the drugstore moleskin has an adhesive backing — and this is the type you should use for your quickie bra repair.

How to step-by-step:

1) Push the underwire all the way back into place, then smooth out the underwire channel so everything is back in place.

2) Using scissors, cut a small piece of moleskin — the piece shown here is a bit over 1″ by 1/2″. I slightly rounded the edges to keep them from peeling up.

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3) With clean hands (so you don’t get oil or dirt on the adhesive part), remove the backing from the moleskin and stick it where you think it will do the most good to hold in the underwire. (This will vary depending on where the metal is poking out of the channel.) Press it down hard with your fingers.

4) Wear your bra in comfort! The heat from your body and pressure against the moleskin patch should strengthen the bond and help it stay in place, keeping your brassiere poke-free. (See the washing tips here to keep your girls’ best friend in good shape.)

underwire bra repair - how-to

Sew it up: underwire fix

Another way to deal with protruding underwire is to get serious about sewing it back into place.

You will need:
How to step-by-step:

1) Push the underwire all the way back into place, then smooth out the underwire channel so everything is back in place.

2) Thread the heavy-duty thread of your choice on to the thick needle.

3) Stitch up, around and over the hole and end of the underwire, then knot the thread. (We recommend sewing several extra stitches, considering that the wire already has a record of escaping.)

4) When you have finished sewing, put a little nail polish or glue over the stitched area to give it a little extra reinforcement.

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The never-have-this-problem-again fixes

Instead of trying to poke the underwire back in, you can also just remove it entirely. (For symmetry’s sake, work a little hole into the fabric in the equivalent spot on the other cup and remove the second underwire, too.)

You can also buy non-underwire bras in the first place. There are now lots of popular options available if you want to go wireless, including Warner’s Women’s Unbelievable UnwireModern Movement Hidden Comfort No-Wire Bra, Playtex Women’s Secrets Perfectly Smooth Wire Free Bra, and several options from Victoria’s Secret.

And don’t forget: Going bra-free is always an option! (That holds true even if the 1970s bra burnings were little more than a myth.)

Avoiding the problem in the first place

Bra manufacturer Wacoal notes, “An underwire will usually poke through a garment for one of two reasons: Either you are wearing the wrong size or you are washing the garment incorrectly.”

For a little more insight, Italian lingerie maker La Perla says that all of their underwires have a protective rubber tip. “This rubber tip protects the garment and one’s skin from being exposed to the sharp edge of the wire. After being circulated in a washing machine, the fabric rubs again the rubber tip, wearing out the tip and the fabric, often causing the wire to become exposed.”

Bottom line: Taking good care of your correctly-sized bras is your best bet for keeping those sharp underwires where they belong.

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