How to take a screenshot on your smartphone

Have you ever wanted to save the image on your screen to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone but didn’t know how?

Wonder no more. Below, find out just how easy it is to take a screenshot on your smartphone.

iPhone, Windows Phone, Android smartphone screenshots

How to take a screenshot on your smartphone

iPhone: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top/upper right of your iPhone, then immediately press and release the Home button (bottom center). You should hear a camera shutter sound.

Android phones: It varies by model — on some, you need to press the Power and Home buttons at exactly the same time, while others you press the Power button and Volume down key at simultaneously. You should hear a click sound.

Windows phone: On Windows Phone 8, press and hold the Start button and the power icon at the same time. On Windows Phone 8.1, press the Power icon and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

What can you do with your newfound knowledge? We found 100+ smartphone camera hacks to make your life easier. Check them out here!

10 more reasons you may want to get a screenshot on your smartphone
  1. The most brilliant — or most bizarre — text conversation you have ever had.
  2. A fantastic tweet, or that time a celebrity RTed you.
  3. The word you can’t believe Words With Friends won’t let you play.
  4. Anything you see on your phone that you want to use as your home screen or lock screen.
  5. When your friend is featured on CNN for her new book/video/song.
  6. When you just can’t believe the next week’s weather forecast.
  7. How predictive test completely failed, and you want to submit it to
  8. A screen full of birthday wishes on Facebook.
  9. When you finally win in 2048.
  10. Anything you want to share, but the app won’t let you copy and paste text.
  11. Your boarding pass, a coupon, or anything else you want to have available even if you can’t get a signal.
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