How we really look when texting & posting to Facebook

When it comes to sharing our thoughts with the world, most everyone exaggerates sometimes. Every now and then, we may downplay what we’re feeling. And, hopefully not too often, most of us will tap out a little white lie.

Though we might be laughing (or crying) on the inside, most people probably can’t tell what we’re really thinking based on the things we type. How so? Here are 20 examples showing how many of us actually look when we’re posting to social media or texting friends and family.
1. “OMG that is awesome! So happy for you!!!”

woman texting annoyed

Photo credit: m01229


2. “No problem! I hadn’t even gotten dressed yet.”

It's fine - I wasn't even ready to go

Photo: Peter Batty




Photo: Rory Finneren


4. “I still feel really sick, so won’t be able to come in to work today.”

Froggy texting

Photo: Kevin Dooley


5. “They broke up?! That’s terrible! I’m sooooo sad!”

broke up so sad


6. “Wish I could be there, but I am just crazy busy tonight :-( “

Too busy today

Credit: sergio_leenen


7. “I look so gross today lol.”

I look so gross today lol


8. “I could not be more excited :) :) :)”

I could not be more excited

Photo: Deborah:-)


9. “Don’t worry – you’re not missing anything. The weather’s not even that nice. Next year for sure.”

Don't worry - you're not missing anything.

Photo: Monica D.


10. “lololllololoololllolol”


Photo: Ivan Febri


11. “Just hanging out with a bunch of friends. What are you doing?”

I'm hanging out with a bunch of friends

Photo: Maëlick


12. “I totally just snorted out loud!”

I totally just snorted out loudPhoto: Jorge Gonzalez


Stroll down a street full of quirky metal sculptures
13. “I’m still on the freeway. Traffic sucks.”

texting yeah still on the freeway

Photo: m01229


14. #blessed #motherhood

Joy of motherhood

Photo: Stacy Braswell


15. “LMAO hahahahahahahahaha!!!”

lmao hahaha texting

Photo: loveiswritten


16. “I’m with her right now and she is crying she’s laughing so hard. Seriously like she cannot even breathe!”

she is laughing so much she cant even breathe

Photo: Richard “Dick” Morgan



omg i am totally dying text

Photo: giant mice kill rabbits


18. “Yeah… I’m still at work”

Yeah I'm still at work

Photo: Eugene Kim


19. “I am literally ON THE FLOOR laughing so hard”

I am literally laughing so hard right now


20. “I’m in class, mom – will call you later.”

I'm in class -- will call you later. xx

Photo: Kevin Dooley



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