If you’ve heard “I’m bored” one too many times, are planning a party or just want something fun for your child to do, we have just the idea.
In fact, we have hundreds of ideas for you!

Easy crafts for kids - idea generator

Easy craft projects for kids: Get some ideas!

The list below will mix and match various items into one of more than 600 combinations every time you load this page. Then it is up to you and your child to decide what to do with them!

The materials in this simple craft idea generator are all inexpensive items — including many recycled things — all of which you probably already have around the house.

We like to use this tool to create crafty Chopped-style challenges: use these exact items to create one project.

There are so many ways to have fun with your list! Get two or more kids working collaboratively on one project, give each child an identical set of all the items, or generate a unique list for each person. (Reload until you get a set of items that work for you.) Of course, you can also just use the list to spark some creative concepts of your own.

Get started below!
Your supply list
  1. clean, used steel can
  2. fabric scraps
  3. 3 paper clips
  4. 1 leaf
  5. 5 buttons
  6. 1 feather
  7. glitter

Want to try something else? Just click here to generate another list.

When you find a list you like, copy and paste the list to a document on your computer or send it in an email to yourself so you don’t lose it if you navigate away from this page.

Have something else you’d like to see featured in this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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