Save money on wrapping paper by downloading one or more of these free decorative gift wrap designs here!

In about 30 seconds, you can print a page of Myria’s exclusive instant gift wrap. It’s fun, festive — and free.
Helpful info about these printable downloads

Paper type: Print on the paper of your choice — anything that works in your printer, and isn’t too thick or too thin to be used as wrap.

blue wrapped box paperPaper size: Each image is formatted to fit a standard letter-size piece of paper (8.5″ x 11″).

Gift size: Our test box (formerly the package for an iPhone 4), shown at right, was 5 x 4 x 3.5 inches, and the printed wrapping paper required no cuts — therefore, we can deduce that each printed piece can wrap a box that size or smaller. Combine multiple sheets if needed.

Make envelopes: You can also fold the paper into halves or thirds and turn it into a decorative envelope.

Scrapbook paper: You can also use these free printables for scrapbooking, school art projects, decoupage — or anything else you can imagine!

Rules: Feel free to print as many copies as you want for your own personal use! We do, however, ask that these design files are not sold, shared, transferred, uploaded, reproduced, used commercially, spindled or beamed into space. (You may sell something you make with the printed versions, and of course the paper prints can be given as part of a gift!) If your friends want their own, please send them over to Myria. :-)

12 free downloadable wrapping papers

Great for birthday presents, baby showers, Christmas and all-purpose gift-giving.

Myria wrapping paper - Argyle yellow Myria wrapping paper - paisley - purple Myria wrapping paper - abstract blue tan Myria wrapping paper - droplets - light blue
Myria wrapping paper - dots - pink Myria wrapping paper - chevrons aqua Myria wrapping paper - check - red Myria wrapping paper - Green-blue-forest
Myria wrapping paper - stripes -pink Myria wrapping paper - Christmas-candy Myria wrapping paper - Argyle red-green Myria wrapping paper - Zig zag Christmas
Top 5 reasons for downloading Myria’s free gift wrap
  1. You need to wrap a gift in a hurry.
  2. You want to wrap a present in paper appropriate for a special occasion.
  3. You need to give a gift at work, and plain white paper or old invoices just aren’t going to work.
  4. You don’t want to go out just for some wrapping paper.
  5. You only need a little bit of wrap — not a whole roll.

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