How far will your arrow fly?

The next time you are tempted to say, “I’m out of options. I’m defeated. There is nothing left that I can do,” step outside on a clear, starry night. Look up.

Recall that at one point in time, humans believed that all that existed was that which we could see with our own eyes. The earth, the sun, the moon, and a sea of stars.

woman sitting contemplating stars

Look out, look in

As you look up at the stars, single out one star among all you can see. Focus on it. Zoom in on it with your mind’s eye. Now mentally transport yourself to it, and stand on it in your very own specially-designed space suit.

Look deep into space. Deeper. Into the inky black night. Isolate the darkest spot in the night sky.

Now let your mind wander through that dark spot to the furthest edge of space you can imagine. Stand there at that edge and reach out your hand. What do you feel?

While standing at that edge, pull out an imaginary arrow from your quiver and notch it in your imaginary bow and draw back on the string. Let the arrow fly. How much deeper into space can it fly? Will it hit anything, or will it keep flying forever?

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If it hits something, go stand on that something and let fly another arrow.

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Until it hits something.

Then go stand on that something and do it again… and again… and again.

Then you will know that even with the most powerful telescopes we have sent into outer space, we have seen but a fraction of all that exists.

Much more than meets the eye

Who knows what exists beyond the reach of our most powerful arrow? Beyond our most powerful telescopes?

Who knows what possibilities exist beyond that which we can see or even imagine? You see, every day scientists, anthropologists, oceanographers and astronomers discover things that were there all along, but which we simply never saw.

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Do you really think the options you are considering right now are really the only options that exist?

When you contemplate the vastness of the universe, who are YOU to say, “I am out of options?”

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