Must-see miniature scenes featuring the ‘Little Dudes’

The “Little Dudes” photo series documents the little dudes who live in the author’s home.

These 12 tiny scenes are clever enough to make you re-think how you look at everyday things — like strawberries, pizza cutters and class rings.

by JD Hancock /

Berry Hard Work

Little Dudes - Berry Hard Work

Getting Married

Little Dudes - Getting Married

Swimming In The iPool

Little Dudes - Swimming In The iPool

Going For A Walk

Little Dudes - Going For A Walk

Golf ‘Lessen’

Little Dudes - Golf 'Lessen'

Graduation – Clean Slate

Little Dudes - Graduation - Clean Slate

Milking It

Little Dudes - Milking It

The Anxious Type

Little Dudes - The Anxious Type

Through The Brush

Little Dudes - Through The Brush

Walking In The Flowers

Little Dudes - Walking In The Flowers

Considering The Tax Shelter

Little Dudes - Considering The Tax Shelter

Watching Star Trek

Little Dudes - Watching Star Trek


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