Nearly 40 percent of couples argue about mess more than money

A national poll reveals how couples feel about household clutter

Finances tend to be a common cause of marital squabbles, but an untidy home can also trigger a tiff.

According to a national poll of nearly 500 couples about their attitudes toward household clutter, almost 40 percent of couples confessed to fighting about messes more than money.

“Our poll found that men and women have different opinions about being organized and dealing with clutter,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart.

Nearly 40 percent of couples argue about mess more than moneyFreeman suggests researching strategies to help tackle organizing challenges before they lead to bigger issues for your home and your relationship.

What’s the most annoying problem?

When it comes to common tasks including driving, watching TV, or remembering birthdays and appointments, returning items to their proper place is the top point of contention between men and women.

The survey found that when it comes to putting things away properly, women were a lot more likely to report being different from their partner (69%) than men (51%).

Overall, who’s guilty of being the messiest in their relationship?  When asked, 26 percent of women admitted that they were the messier partner, compared to 39 percent of men who claimed to be.

The poll also uncovered what people do when their partner leaves stuff out of place:

  • 67 percent said they put the items away or cleaned them up themselves.
  • 21 percent ask their spouse or partner to straighten up.
  • 19 percent leave things as is until their partner puts them away.
  • Women are twice as likely as men to dump messy or out-of-place items into their spouse or partner’s personal space.
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Despite overall discord about untidiness, ShopSmart did find something most men and women agree on: the two things that drive them crazy when out of place are keys and bills.

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