When painting your home, take cues from color psychology

Color: Yellow
Yellow is a great interior paint color. Like sunshine, it imparts happiness, hope, and optimism.

According to Zimmer, yellow can even stir our creative juices. What better color to use in a master bath or dinette to get your day off on the right foot?

Yellow is also warm and welcoming, but it is more attention- getting than either red or orange. For this reason, it is a good paint color to use in poorly lit foyers or dark hallways.

  • Ceiling: light hue, luminous, reflective and glowing.
  • Walls: warm if a golden hue.
  • Floors: bright hues are distracting and agitating.

Ideal for safety purposes due to its high visibility, yellow also appears brighter than white, and is useful in poorly-illuminated and dim spaces.

Yellow bedroom photo courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute
Yellow bedroom photo courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute
Color psychology: red | pink | orange | yellow | green | blue | purple | black | white | grey | brown


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