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When painting your home, take cues from color psychology

Shade: Black
According to Zimmer, black is a great accent color indoors or out, imparting elegance, formality, and sophistication to a paint color scheme. But don’t get carried away with it, she cautions, because too much black can be depressing.
  • Ceiling: heavy, but works well for an exposed ceiling with open ductwork.
  • Walls: threatening or dramatic.
  • Floors: unusual and absorbing. Dark furnishings would get lost placed directly on this floor color.

Black is very dependent on where it is used. Black works as an accent color in either residential or business interiors. It is associated with dignity and sophistication.

Black kitchen photo courtesy Lark & Larks Ltd (
Black kitchen photo courtesy Lark & Larks Ltd (
Color psychology: red | pink | orange | yellow | green | blue | purple | black | white | grey | brown

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