When painting your home, take cues from color psychology

Shade: White
White, unlike black, conveys peace, simplicity, and spaciousness. It can provide a crisp finish to almost any paint job by adding sharp contrast to the wall color.

Used throughout a room, it can give the illusion that the space is bigger than its physical dimensions.

  • Ceiling: blank – creates lightness, reflects light and reduces shadows.
  • Walls: neutral to empty, clean.
  • Floors: intimidating.

White indicates delicacy, refinement and sophistication. White may be too harsh as an interior color in some climates. All-white work environments encourage great precision.

Photo courtesy Lark & Larks Ltd (larkandlarks.co.uk)
White kitchen photo courtesy Lark & Larks Ltd (larkandlarks.co.uk)
Color psychology: red | pink | orange | yellow | green | blue | purple | black | white | grey | brown


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