Getting to know the ratio for positive relationships

Getting to know the ratio for positive relationships

Think about a person in your life it feels good to spend time with: a friend, family member, partner/spouse, coworker or even a neighbor. Do you usually walk away feeling like you had more energy -- or even happy?

Have you ever seen a pink Batman?

When it comes to fitting in at preschool, what really counts, apparently, is a child's haircut, clothes, and how much he or she fits into gender norms.

Switching doctors midway through your pregnancy

If you realize you are dreading checkups because you don't like your doctor, or you don't particularly trust his judgment, can you change prenatal caregivers - even during your pregnancy?

Teen drinking can mess up the adult brain

What happens at a party doesn't just stay at the party. In fact, heavy alcohol use or binge drinking during adolescence can actually alter brain structures and function.

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