Pictures of a pregnancy, week-by-week

Pregnancy — when you’re creating an entirely new human — is all about growth and changes.

And one of the greatest ways to document all those changes all is to take pictures regularly: every month, every week, or even every day.

Pictures of a pregnancy, week-by-week

A trip through pregnancy, week-by-week

PREGNANT!Patricia Snyder of documented her pregnancy every other week or so — from right after the positive pregnancy test until she welcomed her baby daughter Eva. Below, take a look at some of those amazing photos!

Several of the images are captioned with what the first-time mom-to-be was thinking and feeling — whether she was ravenously hungry or feeling really fat, making notes about her baby’s development, or coping with Bell’s palsy.

It all started with the pregnancy test photo at the right, which Patricia captioned, “Epic morning. Been waiting for this day for YEARS. :-D”

Start viewing the gallery here (then just click the picture to go to the next one), or choose any of the photos below to see a larger version.

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