This is the last time I’ll be wearing these pants without a belly band, mark my words. NOT comfortable.

Beginning to feel better, less nauseous, less tired. Super excited about the niblet, but having a hard time watching my waist get wider and wider. Feeling fat and pretty sure anyone who sees me and doesn’t know I’m knocked up is thinking I’ve just let myself go. BUT IT’S ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Also, the ITCHING HAS BEGUN. Oh dear lord, I did not have any idea how much my belly, sides, and lower back would ITCH when the skin started stretching. ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY. Another new development is that it is no longer comfortable to sleep on my belly (and I’ve always been a belly-sleeper) because now it feels like I’m laying on something round and hard – something I shouldn’t be laying on. Weird!

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