Still nauseous and still needing naps and an early bedtime daily, but not nearly as badly as a few weeks ago. Boobies are a lot less painful, which is a relief. I’m in the in-between place where most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit (or I can get into them but I look ridiculous) but maternity clothes are still too big. It’s okay though, this kid is going to double in size over the next month and those maternity clothes will definitely come in handy. Supposedly I’ll start to feel this little one’s acrobatics in the next couple of weeks too – seriously excited about that.

The Itching began this past week. Dear Lord, THE ITCHING. My whole midsection (front, back, and sides) feels like — I can’t even describe it. Horrible, awful, constant ITCHING. I’ll have Mike scratch me all over and the beautiful, exquisite relief makes me cry tears of happiness. Slathering myself in coconut oil multiple times a day. Skin feels tight, DRY, and ITCHY. SO SO ITCHY.

One more thing of important note: This morning was the first time I looked in the mirror and thought I looked beautiful instead of just fat. LOVED that feeling. (What girl doesn’t?)

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