Ugh, feeling SOOOOOPER fat this week. Like, enormous. I really didn’t think I’d be the pregnant lady who complains about feeling fat all the time, but it’s really challenging when nothing fits. Underpants are too small. Bras (even the ones I bought A MONTH AGO) are too small. Maternity pants that fit a few weeks ago are too small. Mike found me standing by my closet this morning crying and he wrapped his arms around me and told me that I was beautiful and that I’m doing a wonderful job growing our daughter, and that this is what my body is SUPPOSED to look like. I know I’m not supposed to derive my self confidence from him or whatever, I’m supposed to find it from within, but it sure is helpful to have a husband who manages to say the kind of thing that lifts me up and makes me feel okay. Bless him.

Best thing this week? WATCHING Niblet kick through my skin. It made me laugh and laugh, until it started to freak me out a little because seriously. Looks like an alien trying to escape…

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