When Pink had the gall to look spectacular with what could be a couple more pounds than usual on her frame, body-shamers around the globe decided that the singer absolutely had to know that they did not approve.

Pink responded on Twitter, and managed to not only avoid attacking her critics, but put a positive spin on the whole thing.
So what? She’s still a rock star

After red (okay, striped) carpet photos of Pink from the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary 30th Annual Odyssey Ball on April 11 appeared online, trolling commenters managed to catch the singer’s attention with comments about her weight.

Here’s her perfectly on-target response:

I can see that some of you are concerned about me from your comments about my weight… While I admit that the dress didn’t photograph as well as it did in my kitchen, I will also admit that I felt very pretty. In fact, I feel beautiful. So, my good and concerned peoples, please don’t worry about me. I’m not worried about me. And I’m not worried about you either :) … I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern. Love, cheesecake

P!ink’s tweets

Below is the message she posted on Twitter, plus a couple more — including a shot with her husband (“it’s just more to love baby”), and another with her daughter (“mama-why r u so squishy?”).

Our take: Comments about someone else’s weight — whether high or low or in the middle — really ought only be delivered by immediate family and/or that person’s health and wellness team.


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