Plan a year: Month-by-month printable checklists for 1 year

Here’s an easy way to take care of those monthly tasks at work, at home, or on your family’s schedule.

On the right of each page, you can list up to 20 different tasks to accomplish each month for a year, and just check them off on the left side of the page when they’re complete!

Month-by-month printable checklist

Free downloadable organizing checklists

Download your favorite and print it out, then add to a binder or organizer, put it on the fridge or keep it on your desk! There are 8 different designs from which to choose.

Click on any page below to get a larger version you can download and print!

Free printable checklist in blue

Month-by-month checklist-blue

Month-by-month month checklist – orange

Month-by-month checklist-orange

Free printable checklist for one year

Month-by-month checklist-green

12-month 20-item checklist in pink

Month-x-month checklist-pink

Dark pink printable year checklist

Month-by-month checklist-dark-pink

12-month 20-item checklist in dark blue

Month-by-month checklist-dark-blue

Month-by-month month checklist in black

Month-by-month checklist-black

12-month 20-item checklist in a chevron pattern

Month-by-month checklist-chevron

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