Being a kid can be very rewarding when parents, teachers and caregivers use these fun printable reward charts!

The stars can each indicating a day, or have each star mean a single task was completed. Use stickers for the stars or your child can can color in the shapes. (There’s even a reward chart with a blank background so your kids can color the whole thing.)

Printable star reward charts

Download reward charts here
Choose one or more color schemes for our free reward charts below — just click on any one to go to the page to download it or to print.

When all the stars are filled in, the chart can be redeemed for some kind of reward: a book, toy, movie night or other treat.

Idea: Color in the stars differently, such as using color blue for household chores, green for following directions, yellow for getting dressed for school on time, etc. You can also print multiple charts, and use them for different tasks or categories.

reward-chart-flowers reward-chart-patterns2
reward-chart-coloring reward-chart-flowers2
reward-chart-cactus reward-chart-shapes
reward-chart-yellow reward-chart-fish

More uses for printable reward charts:

  • Potty training
  • Pet care/feeding the pet
  • Countdown to a birthday, holiday or vacation
  • Homework completion
  • Gratitude chart

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