Have so much to do that it’s hard to stay organized? Our free printable weekly to-do checklists can help.

printable weekly to do lists

These weekly planners have slots for seven different jobs, with a checkbox covering every day of the week. (If you write small, you can even double up on jobs using the top and bottom half of each white box.)

Choose one or more designs of our free weekly to-do checklists here — just click on any one to go to the page to download it or to print.

weekly-to-do-cityscape weekly-to-do-homes-blues
weekly-to-do-pinkpurple weekly-to-do-greydrops
weekly-to-do-greypink weekly-to-do-bluepattern
weekly-to-do-blue-zigs weekly-to-do-blue-pink-zig
weekly-to-do-green weekly-to-do-purple

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