Slick (A Novel)

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From Booklist:

Media critic Price wades hip-deep in hype for this heady debut packed with scandal, crackle, and pop. When honor student Annabelle Shane guns down six classmates at her Los Angeles high school, the press is quick to point the finger at up-and-coming rapper Hunta, whose incendiary song, “Bitch Fiend,” clearly inspired the act. As the news networks sink their teeth into every bloody detail, Hunta’s handlers engage the services of Scott Singer, a piranha-style publicist known for his unrelenting ways. The veteran spin-doctor, whom Hunta has dubbed “Slick,” has his work cut out for him: the married rapper’s tendency toward inflammatory lyrics is rivaled only by his weakness for beautiful women. When Slick masterminds a headline-grabbing hoax to steer public attention from the rapper’s sexual indiscretions, his seedy strategies soon careen out of control. Price keeps the 350-plus pages turning with snappy wordplay and vivid, surprisingly complex characters. A dark meditation on the art of manipulation, this is a must read for anyone riveted — or repulsed — by the news. – Allison Block

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