The Flight of the Silvers

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From Booklist:

In this first installment of a projected series (The Silvers Saga), two sisters in their twenties, Amanda and Hannah, are inexplicably transported to an alternate reality — a sort of faux San Diego — after their own world comes (quite literally) crashing down around them.

Together with other people from their world, each of them, like Hannah and Amanda, wearing a mysterious silver bracelet, the sisters wind up at a scientific research compound, where Sterling Quint, a temporal physicist, tries to figure out how they got here. The cast is engaging (it includes a 16-year-old Australian boy, a girl who’s been separated from her entire family, and an affable cartoonist), and the author has created an alternate-reality world that is both bewilderingly different and reassuringly familiar.

Much of the book is devoted to introducing the characters, their new world, and the strange time-affecting abilities they seem to possess, but there’s also a good story here, as our small group of Silvers start an adventure that will, they hope, lead them to an understanding of what has happened to them. A highly imaginative exercise in world building that also features characters it’s very easy to care about. – David Pitt


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