Vintage Homes Adult Coloring Book #1: Luxurious Victorian Houses & Mansions

The most luxurious homes of the Victorian era were a sight to behold, from their commanding size right down to their charming details.

Take a look back to the 1870s — a time when many of the most ornate and elegant homes were built in America! Not only was the architecture remarkable, so were their bold colors.

These 42 authentic home designs, created at the end of the Civil War reconstruction era, were made for those with extravagant budgets who desired grand estates and luxurious mansions. The lavish homes within this book feature high-end details such as resplendent porches and balconies, bay windows, turrets and towers, and ornate trim.

Several types of exquisite architectural styles are within, including homes in the Gothic style, Franco-Italian and French château styles, Villas — and even a grandiose Elizabethan mansion. As a bonus, the original published descriptions are included on the back of each illustration, along with floor plans.

While fans of classic and revival architecture will likely swoon over each stunning view, these elaborate, detailed illustrations will be of particular interest to experienced colorists.


Note: In keeping with the original designs, the pictures are often very intricate, and there are large areas of black on certain pages. We chose not to over-simplify the artwork because of the tremendous amount of detail (and personality) that would be lost in the process. Please look at the preview pages to view thumbnails of the illustrations in this book.

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