Vintage Women Coloring Book #7: Fashion Layouts from the Early 1920s

This is not a typical coloring book! It features authentic vintage images that were drawn nearly a century ago.

The early 1920s was a time of flappers and freedom, ragtime and jazz, The Great Gatsby and the silver screen, along with stars like Mary Pickford and Norma Talmadge.

“Flappers” were all about confidence, bucking tradition, and forging new paths. Naturally, the styles of the early ’20s demonstrated how young women were rebelling against corsets and petticoats, instead adopting simpler, sassier clothes with straight lines that were flirty and emphasized the much-desired slender frames.

Between these covers, you will find 43 coloring pages with more than 180 different examples of outfits popular during the twenties — dresses, suits, coats — and including hats, parasols, shawls and other on-trend attire. All are from newspaper fashion features, which showed the newest styles drawn into a trendy layout or location.

As you will see, the stereotypical “flapper style” seen in modern media really represents just a fragment of what was considered to be in vogue at the time. While the silhouettes were usually sleek, the fabrics, ornamentation and accessories often made up for such simplicity.

And now it’s time to give these outfits from the Roaring Twenties the color and the verve they have been missing for the better part of a century!


Note: In keeping with the original designs, the pictures are often very intricate, and there are large areas of shading on certain pages. We chose not to over-simplify the artwork because of the tremendous amount of detail (and personality) that would be lost in the process. Please see below for thumbnails of the images.

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Paperback length: 100 pages

Publisher: Synchronista LLC

Publication Date: March 4, 2016

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.2 x 11 inches

ISBN-10: 1944633065

ISBN-13: 978-1944633066